Hand-illustrated, printed, and stitched in Cairo. 

RebelCairo is a contemporary Cairo-based label founded by Dara Hassanein and her mother, Dalia Abbas in September of 2018. Each statement piece is passionately illustrated from scratch, holding a narrative that unravels the multi-layers of the modern wardrobe.


Each collection, the brand’s founder and designer, Dara, draws inspiration from an eclectic range of sources that trickle down to a concept that dictates the storyline behind each collection. Dalia, on the other side, adds a practical perspective to the brand. Handling the technicalities of the making process, she brings Dara’s ideas and illustrations to life. 


hybrid of


forms, colors, 

and narratives.

At RebelCairo, distinctive focus is paid to illustrative details within our world of story-telling through garment. Our silhouettes are creative canvases that enable us to imagine, tell stories,  create new realities and boldly combine the principal elements of our brand: appreciation for narration and daring design. 

Together, we find the most joy in seeing the pieces transcend stories and live different personas through their wearers.