A hybrid of


forms, colors, 

and stories.

RebelCairo is a contemporary Cairo-based label founded by Dara Hassanein and her mother, Dalia Abbas in April of 2019. Having always known that they'll work within the field of design, Dalia re-ignited her long lost desire to work in fashion and Dara re-directed her knowledge as a graphic designer to bring this brand to life.  The RebelCairo piece is a synthesis of two personalities: one that is intuitive, fiery, and young and the other considered, sophisticated, and settled.

Some of the hand-painted artworks on our pieces can take up to 40 hours to paint.

A hybrid of inspirations, forms, colors, and stories

In an industry that currently relies on speed, we’ve chosen to take a different path. Each piece we share with the world is illustrated from scratch, sometimes meticulously painted by hand, and always holds a story inspired by an eclectic array of inspirations. Some of the hand-painted artworks can take up to 40 hours to complete. Our breezy, easy-to-wear silhouettes are creative canvases that enable us to create items that are brave, fun, and provide new realities for the modern wardrobe.

Community and Craftsmanship

As we grow, we are committed to collaborating with different local artisans in Egypt to help preserve traditional handcrafts which we find very valuable especially today. Through our work with different local social enterprises, we've been able to help women support themselves and their families by providing them with better economic opportunities and access to education. We also take pride in working with workshops led by women and refugees whom we've grown to have great personal connections with.  Follow us on instagram to learn more about these projects in the future.​