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  • Rebel. A verb meaning to resist or rise up against authority or tradition. In the case of RebelCairo, that definition is reflected in the core of the brand, not in the rise against the system way, but more about not conforming to what our tradition expects from us. If we all rebel against these expectations, to challenge tradition, we achieve unity. The concept is simple. We picked an item that you would commonly find in Egyptian homes, usually placed in an area that solely exists for the purpose of carrying on tradition; the salon. This item is a Persian rug. We created our own design, taking inspiration from the forms and flow of Khayemeya tapestries, which are inherently Egyptian and laid it out in the composition of a traditional personal rug. The bottom of the design starts symmetrical, and as you go up, that symmetry starts to break little by little, where the birds start to take different directions, eventually meeting at a point of unity. This subtle break of symmetry is where we insert our concept; breaking away from tradition collectively. Within the tree, we wrote the quote “الطيور على اشكالها تطير”. We’re aware the original quote ends with the word تقع, but the word تطير made more sense to us within the context. Once we finished the design, RebelCairo printed it on premium satin, sourced from local textile markets, then given to UNTY to be used as a lining inside a corduroy jacket with two exterior pockets and one inside pocket, along with an embroirdery of a dual logo. We added a tote bag as an accessory with this release, corduroy with silk screen printed patch. The last move we made was taking this design to be made into an actual rug, which proved to be the perfect full circle. 

  • Corduroy and Satin

    Dry-clean only